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Solar light? Answered

I want to build and install three lights about 10 watt each in my house garden. Powered by solar panel (80w),100ah dry battery. Instead of using energy saver bulbs , i want to use LEDs.one LED of 10w or more which give light equal to one LED. Can any gentleman help me to design this system with 8 hours battery backup. The lights should be turned at dawn.Thanks



Try using a LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) as a sensor switch for it to shut down when the sun sets. There are existing design on web and just copy their designs and modifying it to satisfy your need. I'm an Electronics Engineer and now has a business of sellingink for printers. But still I can help you design your circuit. It's good to refresh my knowledge in designing circuit boards.

you can use a incandescent light bulb 5 or 10 bulbs you can use

Have you got the LEDs Sarfraz ?