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Solar power for a laptop Answered

Hello everyone I have an idea to build a solar power suppl for a laptop using a 12"x12" solar cell. M question is this, if I solder the leads from a power inverter to the solar cell, it should be able to power or charge a laptop correct? Is there something else I would have to do?


. Due to inefficiencies (DC-to-AC and back to DC), adding an inverter is probably not a good idea. I'd try to use whatever voltage your wall wart puts out. An inverter may turn out to be the simplest method, but it's not very efficient. . A 12x12 panel probably won't run the laptop, but it should work well for charging.

I checked my power supply which says the output is 19.5v @ 3.34a, the 1x1 solar panel I was looking at is rated with an output of up to 21v so if my comp can only draw in 19.5volts and I am giving it a constant (regulated) 21v it should act the same (after the regulator on power supply the current has been regulated down to 19.5v anyway) The inverter itself would only act as a convenient way to install a house plug. let me ask this what would happen if I soldered the power supply wires directly to an output of 21v? seeing as its only using 19.5 at a time?

. That 21VDC will be in bright sunlight and probably not under full load. Not sure what you can expect under "normal" conditions. . Your power supply uses 110VAC for the input (or 220VAC, depending on where you live). I don't think there is any good way to wire the PV to the power supply. You may be able to tap in between the rectifier and regulator, but that's liable to cause problems when using AC. . Your power supply puts out about 650W, so if your PV will put out that much, you should be able to run the computer. . Your computer may function with less than 19.5VDC. Maybe as low as 14-15VDC. . . I'd check the manufacturer's web site to see if the computer will run on 15VDC and how many amps it will pull at that voltage (to see if the PV will handle the load). If the numbers check, I'd run the PV into a 15VDC regulator and then to the computer.

i dont think its enough power to run it (like he said aboave) but wat do i kno im only 13 but good for charging like nacho said