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Solar powered blinking Led (with photo switch) Answered

I was wondering if anyone has or will post an instructable showing how to build a self-contained solar/rechargeable blinking LED (or LEDs) 

I have a telephone pole I would like to have illuminated for oncoming traffic.  Reflective tape isn't cutting it.  I was thinking a LED strip that blinked would be a better "notice" to drivers.

It would have to be self-contained and powered given the location, hence the solar/rechargeable aspect.  It would also have to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. (off when light out, on when dark, so a photo switch needed)

Any ideas how this can be done?  I was thinking hacking a solar powered yard light to power a LED strip but I have no idea how the electronic parts work or if the charge is enough to do so.  I am sure there are parts in one of those lights that I can use.  Harbor Freight is my buddy.

Any help appreciated.



7 years ago

A search of the projects on Instructables would give you a great start. There are project on making LEDs blink, solar powered ones, and solar / light activated ones. It sholdn't be hard to hack the ideas together and get what you need. I am wondering though, at night if the LEDs, even ultra brights, could be seen in headlights?


7 years ago


We have some of these in our yard. Now they're not blinking LEDs but they're solar powered so they might be a good place to start. I don't know just a suggestion. You could Take a few apart and probably set up a circut to your liking. Hope that helps