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Solar water still Answered

I'd like to make a good solar water still. I was thinking of something for purifying the water from rain barrels along my house and channel it into drinking water containers. Any good ideas out there?


Ive seen on survivor shows where they take a tub, put water in it, then cover the tub with saran wrap. Then they put a rock in the middle of the plastic wrap, over a collector. The sun evaporates the water, but it hits the plastic and condenses into water, rolling towards the rock which is down, and falling into the collector. Is that what you meant? The collector could be substituted with a pipe, and everything else with more durable supplies. A tube could run from the rain barrel to the bottom of the tub?

yes yes, sounds very good! Need to add some kind of float valve for the incoming water to the tub.

As long as the tub is placed at the right hight, only a certain amount could be allowed in at a time.