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Solder Paste Answered

I have a couple of questions pertaining to solder paste... Can you buy it in really small amounts, like 10g? Can you apply it by hand, or do you need a stencil? I wanted to do a project involving an ARM chip, but the only way I could solder it to the board is using the paste, but considering I'd spend $40 on paste and $20 on a stencil, its not worth it.


not sure if this helps, have you seen the circuit trace conductive pens? I got one at radio shack and have used it to shield cavities in instruments, (in conjunction with foil tape), maybe you could use that as it simply is applied and then dries into conductive solid.

If you have central heating attidive, such as Fernox, containing phosphoric acid, this also works as a flux. (This may be a long-shot, but it worked for me years ago) L


10 years ago

I bought TWO different kinds of solder paste at Radio Shack and I'm sure the total was less than $40. One was 14g and the other 56g.

Ah, phew. I was reading about it on sparkfun, and they were saying that they bought the smallest amount they could, for $35. Based on their $/g, I'd say it was 140g.