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Soldering Wires to a Battery Answered

So...If I were to solder a wire to a battery...Is that legal? I mean, will it like explode, or melt, or go haywire or whatever? Or will there be no problems at all, whatsoever? Thanks!


Well, it's definately probably legal, and trying to solder to a battery is hard. The solder doesn't stick to the battery very well, and it falls off. Try a battery holster or some electricians tape (temporary). And I haven't gotten blown up when I have tried it.

Also sanding the ends of the batteries with a fine sandpaper helps wonders. And yeah: Flux is your friend! :)

flux? put some flux on first, then solder. =)

I just bought some soldering paste. So, how do I handle it. It says that I shouldn't touch it with bare hands. Also, how do you use it? I have read that you usually use it with a syringe.

Theres two major types of soldering paste. One is only flux and should normally just bed dabbed onto the corroded metal before it's heated up by the soldering iron so it can 'activate' and remove the corrosion to get a clean and nice metal for the solder. The other kind is an semi liquid solder. It's very tiny balls of tin/lead and some other stuff suspended in a very mild liquid flux. This type of soldering paste is used for soldering surface mounted devices. It should be kept cold (in the fridge) and the shelf life of it is between 6 months and a year. (That is for the pros that are concerned with the quality of the joints. Us amateurs can probably use it for several years without any ill effects.)

I just use a screwdriver, nail..... stick it in (we have it in tins, like shoe polish) then apply where wanted.

Well, if you try soldering lithium ion batteries you may have a problem if they get too hot. 14500 cells, along with 10440, 18650, etc lithium cells will explode if they get too hot for two long; as lithium ion batteries are very temperamental.


10 years ago

Definitely do-able, I soldered up some AA's tonight. It's a bit more tricky then your average job


10 years ago

Thanks guys!

Use a bigass soldering iron and flux. The big iron is needed because the battery will suck up all heat from the iron like crazy . Don't heat it too much though, you'll probably will severely degrade the capacity of the battery if you heat it up too much. Do the soldering Short, Sweet and really Hot in order to keep heat from spreading to places that doesn't need to be hot.

I did it with NiMh batteries. Though, I don't recommend doing it as I don't know if it is safe or if I was lucky it did not explode. Also, heat may alter the performance of your battery ... So my answer is : it's possible, but if you do it, do it fast and at your own risk.