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Soldering headphone jack, any special solder? Answered

Hi. I purchased some decent headphones a little while ago and my little brother was playing with the cats with the jack. One of them stuck their claw through it and it needs replacing. They were pretty expensive headphones, so I want to repair these. Will any old solder do? I like my sound quality. I've only got Lead-free crap ATM. Cheers, Josho.


If you can use it to do the job it will do.
How did a cat damage a jack?



8 years ago

Thanks. I prefer leaded solder. I've ordered a decent jack, I'll grab a new soldering tip tomorrow, it should be here Wednesday and then I'll have my headphones back! Cheers matey!

I think any old solder will do. And lead free is good cuz no toxic fumes! :D