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Soldering lampshade frames; I want to cut down and reassemble lamp shade frames- what is the best soldering method? Answered



Use brass wire for the solder, ie, braze

traditional lead/tin/whatever soldering isn't going to work out well for steel lampshades. Brass does the job very nicely.

You *could use silver solder, but imo brazing is so much a better idea.

BTW, brazing IS soldering.

I saw an AC guy use a hanger once to braze with, if you don't want to spend a lot.

Lol...I've welded using hangers. I even used a tire iron as a welding rod once.

Crappy welds, of course, but they did the job while they needed to.

Gas welding of course.

I would personally go with brazing but I believe silver soldier would work also. 

You should be able to get brazing rod from a welding supply place.  You could probably get away with using a propane torch as long as the metal is thin.  Like maybe around the diameter or a pencil lead.

Get a small hobby torch and silver plumbing solder. Do not use lead solder!

Make sure you clean the metal with a file and use plenty of flux!

Stick on a chunk of solder and heat it with the torch. The molten solder should do the rest of the work.

I suspect the best answer would be brazing rather than soldering. Solder doesn't have much structural strength.