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Solidworks shows Mass Different from Reality? Answered


When I check the mass properties of a model it gives me some weight (mass).
When I weigh the actual product the mass is radically different (about 10-15 grams).

Anybody had this problem? Can Solidworks be trusted regarding mass properties?



1) Check the density that SW is using. What material is the part made from? Does SW have the right density for the alloy you're using?

2) The mass properties in these programs should only be used for approximations. What is the total mass? A few grams out of few kilograms is actually a decent estimate but if that's out of 50 grams then there are issues.

3) How dimensionally accurate is your produced part? Your model is nominal but it is highly unlikely that your part is. What sort of tolerance was the part machined too?

yeah, doubble check the density on the program. aAother option, I know in 123Design you need to overlap models to make them converge, is yours the same? that 1mm of overlap could be whats throwing off you calculations !