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Solution to computer problems (Windows 7???, hardware???)? Answered

I had asked 2 questions about my 6 weeks during computer problem:' is Windows 7 That Bad??', and 'help'...

Windows XP seemed to get slow and somewhat erratic, so instead of re-installing XP, I installed the 64b version of W7 ultimate, downloaded as 'freeware'.

It was a chore to install, and much of my hardware was not recognized (no network port (= internet), only generic CD ROM instead of DVDRW, etc.).  Problems shutting down, and SLOOOOWWW.

So after a while, I re-installed my trusted XP, but things did not get better (at all!). This was not normal!

Since my HDDs came on and off, I figured it ought to be the motherboard. It always (2 1/2 years) worked fine, but after some internet search (I also do have a laptop), it seemed to be one of the worst MBs ever made... But a spare laptop HDD got fried instantly (motor+ is dead)...

So I ordered a new one: A nice old fat Asrock, with 4 memory slots, and 7.1 sound.  It lasted 4 hours... No more picture, not by the board, not by the added card...

By warranty, the MB might have been bad, so I got the replacement. But I did not trust my TRUST power supply anymore. So I bought a new 500 GB HDD and new (Cooler master 460 W power supply).

Everything was wired up, Windows 7 installed, and it runs great!!! The laptop disk is dead, but my old system disk is most often recognized...  There was still a lot of important, non backed up data on it (!). I was able to secure all of it!!!

So my conclusion is: it probably was the power supply: don't trust TRUST!!!



8 years ago

If you swap operating systems and it gets worse: it's a software problem. That trouble you had with hardware is software having a hard time, swap it back and you have that legacy on the HDD.
A power-defect won't give you "slow" or "erratic", but what happened after that I wouldn't know better than you.



8 years ago

Power supplies do go bad sometimes and since they are connected to EVERYTHING the tend to wreck everything.. My wife's power supply went bad due to a close lightning strike and within a week most of the parts on her computer were bad.