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Solve any computer hardware problem Answered

Solve any computer hardware problem Hi, I am sandip golani a Chip-Level Engineer, Engaged in repairing of computer and paripherals since last 20 years. I am also imparting chip-level training. If you have any problem related to computer hardware or chip level repair work feel free to mail me. my website is www.compudrivesystem.com visit and mail me the feedback. thanks Sandip Golani


Hmm, I myself am would you say "Pro" user. I recently opened up a Toshiba satellite 2520cds laptop just to see if I could dissemble the lcd and use the machine to make a diy projector, well wouldn't you know, I accidently stepped on the ccfl tube and broke it. So I'm left with a laptop that I can't use. It's really old, but it was still neat to play with. Could you help me design something so I can put white leds in place of the tube?

the white leds are spot lights. it'd be difficult to set them to light properly into the back layer that diffuses the light electrically - below the screen there is some small circuit board with transformer and some other components. thats the inverter measure the voltage on the wires that come to it when the screen is closed and when its open at various brightness settings that would be a start you can remove the diffusers from the screen and add plain triplex window in the back of the monitor. that'd be a cool semitransparent (diffusing though) window with the display on it

those CCFLs are fragile. I actually successfully replaced the CCFL tube in a laptop that didn't have anything else obviously wrong with it (aside from being very old.) I just used a similar-sized tube from surplus outlets (those sources seem to have dried up, but you can probably use one from a "case mod" kit.

If I could get a while one ya, I have a ccfl tube for a case mod, but it's a red/blue combination tube, would look kind of off :-P

digikey sells the tubes from JLK I think anywho they fit in dell laptops and they are only $15 or there about ...

pls i opened a dv2000 of recent to see wat was wrong with the mouse pad but found nothing since it wnt work after falling.after coplling the laptop,it doesnt come on.it shows the power light but does not display,boot even caps lock light doesnt come on.pls what should i do.


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how to repair my computer?

I can't get my 5 1/4" floppy to work. I seem to have configured it in BIOS, Windows shows it, but always reports "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error" If this isn't just a plug for your website, what advice can you give?