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Solve feedback from speakers, similar to mobile phone. Answered

Only very recently i've been hearing a sound in my headphones and it sounds exactly like when i would recieve a text message or a phone call(with a much older pair of headphones). The difference being there is no phone anywhere near me and i've never experienced this with my current pair (wirelss Logitech F540's) and i've had them over a year, even when i'm using my phone right beside them. Its recently also being happening to my housemate who lives accross the hall from me, we've both tried turning our phones off and asked for our housemates living below us to do the same, but the problem persists.
Could there be some device that is causing the problem inside or outside of the house that i havn't thought of? And is there a method of fixing the headphones/speakers themselves.

I'd like to get to the bottom of it! :D



These are WIRELESS phones aren't they ?
Forget using ferrite beads !!!
You need to get to the interfering source and destroy it with fire.


But we're also getting problems with wired speakers in the room accross the hall. I assume whatever is causing the problem in one is also causing it for the other.

Yes, very probably. If you had ONLY wired problems, then the beads would be the way to go, but since your signals of "interest" are RF and you're receiving RF to hear anything on the headphone, unless you can eliminate the source, you're knackered.


Anything that emits a radio frequency has the possibility of interfering with you speakers/headphones/etc. Like aelias36 said, a ferrite choke is something you could try, but it probably won't be that effective. I've tried in a few of my devices, but I really didn't notice much of a difference. Its worth a shot, though.
You could look into a pair of headphones with a bit more shielding around the wires.

Best of luck!

The interference source doesn't even have to be in your house. I found our computer speakers were affected by our neighbors cell phone and we use to have a baby monitor that could pickup cordless phone calls from down the street...

So what can you do? Unfortunately, the answer is not all that simple, seeing as though you probably can't stop the whole neighborhood from making calls....

Here is a website that presents links to a number of solutions, although they don't suggest one works better than the other.

I liked the link to Mac Life where they used ferrite beads to suppress the interfering noise.

Give it a try. You might get lucky.