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Some "Attractive" Questions Answered

I've been thinking for a bit, and  I have some questions on magnetism.
Question 1: Is molten metal magnetic?  If you place a magnet over a molten metal like iron for example, will it be attracted to the magnet?

Question 2: If diamagnetism can be used to repel water, can you use nagnets to slow down or even stop the speed of drainage if the magnet is strong enough?

That is all. Thank you.


different metals at different temperatures( which i think is usually someplace north of 700 degrees ferenheit) lose their ability to attract a magnet! This is part of the procedure thats used to anneal and temper metals!

Cool! Is that because they lose ions or something along those lines?

That i dont know the answer to, but i would imagine that it's something along those lines!