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Some FREE Patches Answered

I will be giving away free patches to any of you guys who haven't got any patches, you just need to give a good reason to me why!
*Update* 22 Jan 2011: Canida gave me some patches and I now have 100 to give away! Thank you so much :)


I would like one, if you wanted to give me one.

I wouldn't mind one.

My reason: Cause im so epic. =)

i subscibed to you i always like oyur instructbles and they are all faverated by me

patch for me
1) i don't have one
2) i am subscribed to you
3) patches look cool and i like cool things

Sorry I mean I meed 1 patch.

Please can I have one???


Thank you i will rate and comment on all of your instructibles!!!

Could I have a patch. I would like a patch because I have been with the Knex community since it's beginning and plan to stick with it for my life.

I need 2 or 2 patches so that I can Impress my ict teacher so that i don't get a bad grade because i had swine flue and was off most of the lessons.


Please can I have one I will rate ll of your stuff 5 stars and I will follow you???



7 years ago



7 years ago

can i have one

Done, hope you like it :)

I'd like one! Mostly just to get one. :( I've been on Instructables for a long time, published three 'Ibles so far (all of which have been featured) and don't have any patches yet. I need a digital hug! :D

Can I have one? What do patches do anyway? I would like to see how they work.

They just appear on your profile. Generally, you have to be pretty good to get a patch but...
Waste not, want not.
What d'you want?

May I have a patch please? I should get a free patch because I asked nicely.

I gave this a sneaky-bump - well done shadowninja31 for picking it up.