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Some Photoshoppery and should it be posted? Answered

Basically The big reason that I'm asking whether I should post or not is because it would be quite a long instructable and take alot of effort on my part, so I would want to know that it's going to be worth something for people, since it's a long thing to do and I'm fairly up to my eyes in crazy projects... Please refrain from posting kitemans law as a retort, I follow it most of the time except in cases such as this, I know there's alot of interest in this stuff on the web and didn't know if many on instructables would go for it. The 'ible would include: - Pen tool Use - lowering car etc. - Cloning - making new parts - Colour shifting - use of masking and hue/sat tool - Burning and dodging - creating new light condtions - Adding new backdrops and the like - Use of layers in a more advanced way - Lots of other little tricks.


LOVE the Corvette, post!


10 years ago

Interested! That's some really nice work there!

Well I'm now considering, on the 'vette does that spolier look real enough to you?

Yeah, it does look like you have some aliasing or something going on, at the top edge of that rear spoiler. But not so I noticed the first time around.

I think the body paint looks a little "plasticky" as well. A bit like soft vinyl - not enough specular highlights. Ditto for the windshield. The second picture looks much better in that respect: more of a glossy, high lacquer look.

Still - far, far better than anything I would be able to pull of. It's always easier to criticize than to create...

The third picture has an almost matte look to the paint, although the windshield does look nice and glossy.

The 'vette was made to be like a concept sketching or render because there was no hope of getting nice reflections on it... I probably could have pulled it off eventually... The truck was given matte paint for some reason, some odd reason... The mustang was the latest one I've done out of them and it shows...


10 years ago

I'm interested! post! xD

maybe, if you want to. I use gimp, so they would be worthless to me

I forgot to mention that the techniques carry over using the similar tools... I've used gimp and paint.net...

I'd post it (and I'm not even going to bring up kiteman's law, that just get's on my nerves) plus if your instructables has like over 30 steps I think you get patch and stickers. I got a patch and sticker when I made my ghoul grabber instructable (I think 31 steps). Or maybe it was just a good instructables and it looked like I put a lot of work into it.

I'm not trying to get patches and stuff, it's just a long thing to do and my computer's on it's last legs, I have some of the ropiest home-patches in existence and noone has ever seen how they work, mainly because they don't do exactly as they should... I think it's all because I deleted the internet... It's more about people being interested, mot of the techniques carry over to paintshop and the GIMP or on some levels paint.net.