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Some Recent Instructables more recent than others... Answered

Hi; not complaining, and not necessarily a bug, more of a "is this really happening, or am I crazy?" kinda thing: when I use the "Recent" shortcut, the first 2-3 pages or so of instructables are definitely ones I've not seen before, but then, as I continue paging I start seeing familiar ones, as I would expect. But then there are new ones again, after & mixed in with the familiar ones. Am I really seeing this...?


Sometimes projects get hung in the filters for anything between minutes and a day or two (say, at weekends).

As far as I can tell, when they get released, they get slotted back into the timeline where they should have been.

I've read this argument before, and I think anyone who's had their ible caught in filters, and had it placed "where it should have been" versus displayed as the most recent, has had a valid point.

Rimar2000 brought up this point recently, and the reply seems to suggest that this issue ISN'T happening, and those ibles are being slotted to the most recent.

If they're not, then those authors (imo), have a disadvantage especially if the process took a few days, as I think most people scan the recent category until they see familiar ibles, and then don't bother looking further (as you'd assume everything after such a point was already viewed).

I wonder if a staff member could find out definitively what happens to ibles that are held up and where they appear under recent after they are cleared.

I would think that, if the project is going to be visible somewhere on the most recent page, then it's not worth the effort of putting projects at the very recent point.

(Does that make sense?)

It does, to a point... (again, my opinion).

If an ible is say held up for 2 days, and in that time 20 ibles are published (that were not held up), and then is placed after those 20 then they may not be seen. I can't speak for how everyone views the recent category, but when I do, once I've reached that 'block of 20' that I've already seen, I wouldn't bother paging past them, and therefore might not see an ible that cleared filters in that time frame.

(I hope that made sense).

We try our best to clear projects out of the filters each day. Projects that are cleared usually end up on the top of the pile.

Thanks Mike. Just needed to know what to tell people if they bring this up again. From what I've seen you guys are getting to them fairly quickly (and on weekends, members just need to be a bit more patient). ;)

I hope the Ice Cream Social went well?