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Some USC Graphics Answered

.  Here's a few graphics that others have done.
.  Visit us at https://www.instructables.com/group/usc/
Finest Foozle Award - Goodhart
Lives - 1: Darwin Award - Goodhart
Future Darwin Award Winning Ibler - Yokozuna
Future Darwin Winning Ibler - Yokozuna
Future Darwin Award Winner (Black) - Yokozuna


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Is this too subtle to be a warning that the project could produce a Darwin nominee?

DNA Warning.jpg

Yes it is any darwin award nomine wont know that you are cutting dna
sorry just saying

For what it's worth, I love this graphic. The lack of explanatory text means that you actually have to think about it to figure out what the graphic means. And isn't getting people to think the whole point?

Just to clarify, I don't actually believe that any graphic - subtle or overt - will actually lead to productive thought among people who think that giving yourself a tattoo with a laser cutter is a good idea. For that you need a liberal application of the Thinkhammer. I just appreciate Kiteman's subtle wit.

.  A very good point.
.  I'm not trying to say Kiteman's graphic is not an excellent one - it is - I just think it's, as Kiteman himself suggests, a little too subtle.

.  My only "problem" with it is that it is too generic. I like the more specific graphics you posted the other day.

.  I really like "Lives - 1" except for the DA part.  At that size, it would be good for inserting in a comment for an overly-dangerous iBle.
.  "Finest Fozzle" is pretty good. Might want to save that one for those who haven't a clue about mixing water and electricity. Another for inserting into comment as I'm pretty sure it will not scale down at all.
.  The first "Darwin" graphic (text inside diamond) is my current favorite, especially for comments. Would like to see what it looks like at 48x48 - it might make a good patch.
.  The second "Darwin" might work the best at patch size.

Lives-1 DarwinAward (Goodhart).jpg

.  Oh! And the stark bleakness of the black FDAW is very nice. If it won't size to 48x48 it shouldn't be too hard to make the letters a little thicker.


This was from google, I photomoshopped the other two.  I would remove the busier version of that, since it's not readable at 48 x 48 pixels.

Trimmed and resized, I think it loses some of the impact.


.  IMNSHO, we need a 48x48 (patch, avatar in comment, &c) format for the smallest size; a ~100x100 for use in comments (the two most common sizes). And maybe a few other std sizes. ~200-250 px max.

Ah, super. I wonder if I've got anything...