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Some cool, creative and simple idea's needed! Answered

hey people,

i want to do some expiriments for school with a other dude,
we want to do some simple things with, steam, max 12v electro and some more creative things!
do you guys have some ideas that we can do?! we alredy want to make a hero engine and maybe the minifrig (USB)



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oke.. but can you then show me some cool and simple projects?! thats what i'm asking ..

. What I think is cool is not important. What do you think is cool?
.  I have no idea what your abilities are, so I have no idea what you might consider to be easy.
.  Look through your search results, pick a few that look cool to you, see which ones you have the abilities, tools, &c to accomplish.

. You have most definitely come to the wrong place. Using the search box (above right) will not help you find many great projects.