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Some free appliances in G'ville, FL area Answered

We have a dishwasher, 2 microwaves, a scanner, and two large old monitors that are all non-working. I'm not going to try some of these instructables that involve electronics (not with my luck and skill...flames would be the least of the effects, I am sure) but someone else would be welcome to take them and make good use of them. There ought to be all sorts of great parts.


Hey now, you're given them away, you posted them on the internet, that means, your going to get lot of people that want some parts, but dont live any where close to you, please! could you just pull out the transformers?, it not hard, they have been siting a while, right? then theres nothing in there to hurt you,just unscrew the covering, then behind the buttons where you put the time in for what you what to cook, there should be a transformer,disconnect all wireing, its held in on the back side, so look for what it is , unbolt or unscrew it pull it out, put it in a box with the other one, and ship it to me, its not hard and your not going to get hurt! I'll pay for the shipping, and you have two microwaves that are gone

I posted *with* a location. I posted here on the off chance that someone might be local to me and want these; this site is great and I wanted to participate further if I could. I also specified that I'm not playing with them myself because I don't feel safe. Wheedling won't make me feel safe :) Galadriel and electronics simply don't get along well.

There are LOTS of free/cheap sites out there, and you'll find some closer to you if you put minimal effort into it. Freecycle and Craigslist are a couple of the popular ones. It'll probably cost you less than shipping to just look for local broken microwaves.

(How will it get my microwaves gone if I pull out a small part and mail it off? I'll still have the rest of them.)

how can i get one of those monitors i could use a broken one

Are you anywhere near me? (See subject line.) You can have it. Otherwise, you might try advertising in your local Freecycle or check Craigslist for cheap monitors (google 'em if you don't know what I'm talking about or how to find them). It would cost way too much to ship something like this, when you can get one cheap without shipping.

hey can i have the microwave transformers

I'm giving them away, rather than playing with them myself, because I don't feel comfortable tearing into them. If you want the microwaves, you're welcome to them--but if all you want is the transformers, you're going to have to take them apart yourself :) Or have someone come do it for you.