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Some good instructables? Answered

I am getting really bored in these loooooonnnnnnnggggggggg summer vacations and found no good instructables to make :(  . So please can anyone suggest some good instructables? Some good, easy and cheap instructables  related to technology, but not as simple as led throwies. Those related to mechanics would also be appreciated.



Best Answer 4 years ago

Learn a programming language. Start with something like Python. It's free and pretty simple but powerful and knowing any program language will help you learn others later on if necessary (like programming an Arduino for example) among other benefits (being able to think like a programmer can be quite helpful at times outside of programming).


4 years ago

Try something that you have never tried before and learn and master it. Say something like cooking. Its a skill that you can apply at any time in your life but many never bother to learn it and instead rely on others (like your parents). Basically try something new.

+1. It may not seem important now but it's a skill you will appreciate having the rest of your life. Cooking can also be very technical (especially baking): You follow a set of detailed plans, need to make precise measurements, a basic understanding of heat transfer and thermodynamics helps, you use lots of specialized (and dangerous) tools, and when your done you've created something useful. Besides, if you cook for your family you won't have to pay for materials and you'll score lots of points with your parents.

The absolute best option, based on the information you have given, is "go look for yourself".

Browse the whole site, or just the technology channel, until something catches your eye.

try paper craft!


4 years ago

Dear Ahmad,
Setting off smoke with static charge is not your style.
Make a bobblehead of yourself and give it to who you like the most !


try making a stirling engine

I look at instructables pretty much every day. I love lurking on other peoples projects one day dreaming of my own tech shop, with a laser engraver and all sorts of tools and projects when I finally get time to do them. Here are some of my favorites I geek out about.
-this has an immense scalability cost and productivity wise and you can make it as cheap or elaborate as you really want and you can dig into the project and eat your results!
- I know what your thinking thats not technology! but once you get a good model you want, add in some nice LED's you can really feel accomplished for making something that everyone will drool over.
Hope I helped!

You will need to look for what will work for you on your own. We don't know your skill level or what might appeal to you. Half the fun is looking through all the options on the site and see what peaks your interest/needs.