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Some help Answered

I was wondering if somebody could help me: I have this old Air hogs jet fighter ( or something like that ) and it was run over by a car and now it doesn't work ( no surprise there ) and i whanted to know if somebody new what would be wrong with it and how to fix it. and maybe some cool ideas on how to use the engines and rc


will look for a crack, a hovercraft is a good idea, thanks

whats wrong: circuit board cracked batter recked etc no way to really know. you could make some cool usb fans out of the props if you wanted

it isnt responding to the rc, wish i new, the circuit board looks great and i think the battery is ok

Check it under a magnifying glass / jeweller's loupe (sp?) - a tiny crack can really mess things up. Find a crack, a spot of solder should fix it. If you can't make the RC work, use the battery and motors to make a hovercraft - one to push, one to lift.