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Some strange wires Answered

Hello everyone I have a problem and I am looking for some solution.
I was doing some repairing today found my old headphones with microphone that lost contact on small circuit board that use for on/of mic and reducing volume of headphones. So I decided to cut that circuit out and just solder 2 ends together but that I fond out that there is some strange wire  coming out.
After I remove isolation there is some colored wires made out of some strange material. It is not conductor (I tried to attached but nothing happened and checked if it is conductor- not).
So I ask you do you know how to solder 2 ends (and I cannot make mistake because all wires that need to be soldered are same color) if there is no conductor :O ??? (well maybe there is but I cannot find it )
If you know please help.


So the best thing is not to spend time doing that.

That's up to you. Which is more valuable, your time fixing them or the money to replace them?

What you have there are extremely thin conductor wires. Each wire is coated in a plastic coating then the conductors are wrapped around a fiberglass bundle for support. Its best to try and separate the colored wires from the fiberglass then trim the fiberglass off. The plastic coating on the wires can be burned off with a lighter but there is 2 problems with that. First the plastic leaves behind a residue that is hard to clean or scrape off. Second the conductors are thin enough that the lighter is able to incinerate the wire.

The best way i've found to get to the conductors is to keep them spread apart and do a very quick hit with a lighter. They will flare up a bit as the plastic burns. Then its a matter of using your fingernails to try and scrape off enough of the residue that you can tin the wires with a bit of solder. You will feel the residue on your fingers. Just be sure you give yourself a good inch of 2 of wire to work with cause you may loose half that amount trying to get to the conductors to get them soldered.

That might just be a plastic core fiber. It is used as support to wrap the thin wires around so they do not break. You can trim it off where it is not needed.

cannot because when i trim it there is some white fibers still not conductor ...

some of this might be getting lost in translation...

1. You have an extra "wire" that does not match up to some other wire to solder with. It is a non-conductive white fiber that looks just like a string or thread. That might just be a support filler to give the cable strength. Looking again, you should have red, green, bare copper for right/left/ground for the headphone. The two other wires should be for the microphone.

2. You know where the wires match up to that you want to solder. You tried to solder but there is no connection. These thin wires are "enameled" wires. They have a thin coat of clear or colored lacquer paint that serves as the insulation. You must lightly sand off the coating or burn it off with a lighter to remove the insulation before you can solder to get good electrical contact. I hope that helps.