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Some uses of Mylar? Answered

I recently found what I think is a good deal on Mylar, (the reflective kind), but there is a problem, I can't think of any uses!  Anyone have any cool ideas?


Thanks for the suggestions guys!  I wish that I could choose more than one best answer, (sorry) , if I ever do get around to buying that stuff, I'll keep these ideas in mind.

You could make some kind of lighter-than-air-craft, a.k.a. balloon. 


AND............... don't let your kid get in it!

(I could not resist a Falcon Heene joke)


8 years ago

If you have an unused closed........make it a tanning booth.

Or lighting effects (there are several ways of using it to warp a projected beam interestingly). Or just hang strips of it in an opening as a decorative "door". Or...

If you don't have at least some idea what you're going to do with it, it isn't a good deal -- because that's money you could be spending on other things.

Use it in your ATTIC to reflect the summer heat back up to the attic ceiling.  Just staple it up to the attic ceiling across your attic.  I placed styrofoam sheets 1/4 inch thick in my attic.... and reduced my attic temperatures from 140 degrees down to 110 degrees.  This brought my HOUSE temperatures down from about 93 degrees to about 82 degrees.  Now i dont need to use my air conditioner much in the summer!!!  I wish i had put reflective mylar up there instead of the styrofoam though. Then i could have ADDED the styrofoam later.  BE SURE to have ventilation out the attic for the space ABOVE the mylar and other ventilation for attic BELOW the styrofoam to assure your attic does not retain moisture.  That is a VERY good use for your mylar.