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Somebody recognize this bug? I've found in my bathroom, could it be a tick? Answered

this is the picture:

 It's better to zoom in the image.

thank you for help.


Now if you blow it up really big, you still can't see much detail, but it's definitely not a tick.  Wherever you are in the world, there's always be many similar species of small, brown beetle, so unless you've got hordes of them infesting your home, I'd let him be 'til the morning.

Looks like a juvenile cockroach.


5 years ago

Oh!!, you found Bob my pet 6 legger, How did he get all the way over there? Wherever there you happen to be. He went missing last month when he got washed down the tub drain. You can send him back, just put him in an envelope and remember to STAMP it.

For Tick info click here. By the way, they are in the spider family which is why the have 8 legs and like to suck on things.

Are you sure ? I thought Bob had blue eyes ?

Thats not a tick.
Ticks have a big body with a tiny head. And 8 legs. That guy looks like he only has 6.

Yep, ticks are bugs, not insects. They are members of the spider family.

Whatever it is it's not a tick. I suspect it's a bug that like moisture and wet/rotting wood.