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Someone copied my 'ible - text, pics, and all - what should I do? Answered

This was published last may but I just found it now... sorry I am not very frequent on here.


That is my 'ible but under another username.

This is the original that I created - 


Thanks for any help


Thanks all. Doesn't make sense does it?

No it really doesn't make sense. I've seen some questionable ibles, that look an awful lot like another, but so far this is the first I've seen that someone has copied everything including images. I'm sure the staff will deal with this one way or another.

I'm sure it used to be worse (inc. lifts from eHow). These days there's more "original-shite"...


After posting my comment, it occurred to me that the other member might have copied the ible to enter it in a contest (thinking it was a winner). I've caught a few people recently (from the cookie contest) that posted recipes from magazines (that I happen to have). One person even copied the images off the magazine's website. *face palm* Since the member who copied this ible has been completely inactive, I can't see any other motivation to plagiarize.

I have seen some questionable ones to, but atleast they made some changes.

Although we all frown upon plagiarism, imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery.

Maybe the other person is so mentally challenged that they thought that by copying your ible they were actually doing the real thing.

I've flagged it for Staff's attention, with a link back to the original version. That user hasn't done anything else on the site -- no other I'bles, no comments.

The email address is: service AT instructables DOT com
(replace capital words for their symbols).

That's really unfortunate. Not sure why someone would blatantly copy everything, but the staff at instructables should be able to help you. Like Burf said, provide a link to both instructables.