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Someone copied my instructable and taken part in same contest Answered

I submitted my first intructable Make Compact LED Lamp (CLL) from a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) on 2nd June 2009. Link to my intructable is
I also taken part in contest Get The LED Out. Today while I was browsing entries for that contest, I found an entry which is a COPY of my intructable. Link to that instructable is
Only some differences are there in both instructables. That person submitted instructable on 11th June so it indicates it might be a copy of my instructable.
I wonder how judges allowed that intructable to enter in contest.
What to do now?


It's not a copy, just another way of achieving the same outcome. It happens quite often that two or more people are working towards the same aims at the same time.

You are very right Sir, It happens to be an accident. I could have used some other way of connecting it to AC mains if I had known that some one is useing a dead CFL. My only similarity is the PVC casing of the CFL and nothing else. Thanks.

Any time.

People ought to remember, though, that any actual plagiarism will get stomped on hard by both the Admins and the Regulars.

I dont think so. I think that person did some modifications to show it is somehwat different and applied for contest to earn prize only/

What modification?
Is useing the lower part of a CFL MODIFICATION?
I think you got a copyright for all dead things including CFL's.
When you cannot see the difference in the circuit design you should not blame anybody for your ignorance.

The approach they used seems quite different, but, if you think you have been plagiarised, you ought to contact one of the Team about it.

(BTW, life is less complicated if you reply to comments by using the reply button.)

As you can see I have only used the LOWER part of the PVC case for connection to AC.
My runs on AC his runs on DC.
Has he got COPYRIGHT to use dead CFL only, no one else can use a DEAD CFL but him only.
My design is simple, cheap and environment friendly, where his is not.

I was going to do something like this. The only reasons I didn't were: couldn't get short wavelength UV LED and broke the tube. Still, if you give someone a good idea, they may well use it. L