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Someone is listening. I think it's a baby monitor or something roomate situation. No babies in house. how to find? Answered

I need to find out how someone in a 3 bedroom house is hearing me. I have a scanner can we track a frequency? what if its wireless. Need help fast.


You could always get a jammer. Or tell the police and get them arrested. Or fire bomb the house. Or cover everything in thermite.

Wait, are they using cameras or microphones? And how do you know?

Your scanner is worthless.
I recommend starting in the bathroom and turning on the shower and sink faucet, hot, full blast. Make your way into the kitchen and grab metal tongs, a metal mixing bowl and oven mitts.
Place bowl on head, don mitts, and wield the tongs as your mighty Excalibur.
With the din of flowing water heightening your senses begin punching holes indiscriminately in your walls and and ceilings and investigate. Do not be alarmed if no listening device is found, they are sneaky and hide them well.
Open front door and question your neighbours, possibly people on the street, you can never be too careful. Actually, they are probably all in on it.
Yell again.
If you see any small animals like a cat or raccoon hanging around outside, it's probably the ringleader you are looking for. Chase after that furry little rodent and begin your interrogation, as this will be your best avenue to locating the listening device.
There are countless methods for extracting information, if you are from America then you are probably familiar with the waterboarding technique.
When you have extracted the location of the device you may iterrogate him further, on my behalf, for the location of the microfilm.

Not just paranoia then? Search the web for the sort of device you think may be involved, note the frequencies. Wireless means radio, so you should be able to pick these things up. L