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Someone is passing off their 'featured' instructable as their own work :( Answered


I wrote a tutorial a few years ago and popped it on youtube with a link to download the supporting files.
It looks like one of the instructable 'authors' has taken my code, complete with stupid comments and popped it on here as their own work.
I'm not worried about someone building on top of what I made but they appear to be offering little in the way of help to the people asking questions about the instructable and asking for people to vote for them in a challenge? 
Taking it, improving it and citing the source would be fine, or even taking it and citing the source but this seems to be straight out 'here's some code I wrote'

Is there a way to lodge a complaint about this sort of stuff other than emailing info@



If you PM me links to both the video and the offending project, I can sort something for you.

Also Flag the instructable which will bring it to the notice of instructable staff. You can find the Flag icon on the extreme right (right to Share button) below the heading

In the "contact" section at the bottom of the page there is a link for instructions on how to handle copyright claims.

Instead of "info@", e-mail "service@". That goes directly to staff, and you should get positive assistance fairly quickly. Be sure to include the URL of your YouTube video and files, along with the URL of the offending I'ble.