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Someone is stealing our Instructables and posting them on Youtube Answered

I found one of my Instructables on their Youtube channel and asked them to remove it, I suggest you do the same. They actually made the video private so I am seeking action to have it fully removed. here is their video channel link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSXUyqMQV3O1CGw7H3WNSuQ/videos

I recognized a few and will inform them of the issue. Please flag them too.
Put your full Instructable header in quotes and add youtube to the end and search the web for it. "your instructable" youtube


this happened to me too! But on a different channel

The first one I looked at was just 15 seconds of the Instructable's thumbnail...

Actually, they're all just 15 seconds of the thumbnail - what is the point of that??

If they provided links to our projects, that would be one thing but they are using our images to create ads. Not cool by me.


3 years ago

It has just come to my attention that someone has stolen one of my Instructables and converted the text to voice and uploaded it to youtube. They did not credit me or provide any links to Instructables.com, so I flagged the video. I really hope this isn't a common problem for other members.