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Something Really Amazin To Do For A Best Friend!! Answered

I have a really good friend whos always helping people and never gets anything back and shes so nice.. what is something really really amazing we can do for her?? By the way were only in High School


We made one of our core members a tee-shirt, with all our signatures on it as scanned images. Since you are all in the same place, it should be a simple matter to secretly get all your friends to sign a plain tee-shirt for real. Or you all turn up at school one day all wearing tee shirts with her face on them (to much like stalking?). Or take turns to leave a single fresh flower taped to her locker every morning before she gets to it. Do you have cheerleaders? Get them to create a new cheer in her honour. Does she have a particular seat in class, or in the canteen, or does she have a favourite bench in the school grounds? Dress it up as a throne.

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Oh, that must be a tribble. Well, I am, but kind of a wayward one-I don't like the original series, and don't follow any of them religiously.

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Not sure if the last two will fly, Kiteman. I like the flowers idea, and the t-shirt one. Maybe try both?

Just brainstorming. It looks like I hit the mark with at least one idea.

Bit off topic, but why'd you switch to Spreadshirt?

Because I sold a grand total of two tees on cafepress, and they don't pay you until you make $25 profit. Plus, spreadshirt just seems easier - I've just offered my designs for other people to put on their stuff.

Well, what does she like? If she likes surfing, for instance, you could all get her a really nice surfboard. If she likes movies, you could all throw a mega movie party with her favorite movies, popcorn and candy...something like that...


9 years ago

Our middle school has/had a thing where students can nominate other students for an award recognizing exactly the sort of thing you're talking about (a sort of "peer recognition" "character" award.) You might investigate whether there is something similar at your school (although I guess at high school level, public accolades are as likely to be embarrassing as appreciated.)

I agree with Nacho.....sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is walk up to the person and acknowledge / thank them for all they do for others, for them being themselves. :-)

Ok, if it was recently......but it is nice to hear again some times :-)

Actually nacho has a point acknowledging all this good stuff... Of course to give her a gift to go along you could take her out to coffee or cinema or something, do something nice so she gets to feel special as well. One possibility is a day off idea, help her plan a day where she gets it all back, you know like gets to relax and enjoy herself, let her hair down and stop worrying about the world for a wee while.

. Sometimes just saying "I've noticed what you've been doing and I really admire you for it" goes a long ways.