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Something ate my pictures? Answered

I just wrote up a bug report. So this is not so much of a question as it is a shout out ---- Hey anybody else have your pictures eaten?


I hope this is not a serious problem. But even some of my older instructables are coming up with blank pictures also. The more I look the worse it appears to be.  I have that bad feeling I get the same as when chkdsk  says its deleting stuff from your hard drive because it says its corrupt. 



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Could you give a link to one or two of your problem projects?

Mine appear to be fixed for now but I did post the link for the one that had a lot of missing pictures in the forum topic that is mentioned in the question.

However Downunders reply and the fact that he had to re upload all his pictures makes me want to ask :

Is there any way I can make a back up of all the pictures in my image library? That way if the site does loose them I could at least have a way of restoring them.

That would be a very good feature to add to the image library. A back up button so everything could be saved as a single file and a restore button just in case. It would even be something that could be backed up to cloud storage so it could be moved quickly from one server to another without ever needing to be downloaded to an individuals computer.

Personally, all my photos are also on my computer and a separate portable hard drive, backed up before they get anywhere near the site.

I have multiple copies of all my pictures, including the originals straight from the camera. The problem would come with trying to remember which ones were uploaded to go with which instructable. I have gone through and saved most as PDF files so I have a backup of each instructable, except I am behind on that. And they change with new comments. I should make a special folder just for that.

Whenever I start a new project, I also start a new folder on my laptop;

My Pictures > Instructables > Name of Project.

If I have a few projects on a theme, there's another level of filing;

My Pictures > Instructables > Theme > Name of Project

(I have waaay more photos of Instructables than I do of my family...)

Two thoughts;

The site had a major issue yesterday, something technical to do with a goat (I may not have been listening properly when it was explained to me...). I wasn't aware that it affected stored images, but the goat* is now behaving, and your pictures are back, so that seems to be that.

Also, Downunder mentioned that his images are hosted on Tinypic. It's not a site I've used, but the issue could easily have been there, rather than here. One of the goat wranglers would have to clarify that though.

(*Seriously, it was explained to me, and a goat was mentioned. It was probably a metaphorical goat, but I may be wrong - coding is a black art, so maybe it was the sacrifice objecting to the dev. team's robes and crystals?)

Just shows how much we are dependent on the internet and how a little disruption can cause worldwide troubles...
Now imagine an entire day without the internet for the entire world.....
Welcome back to the stone age... ;)

Backup is always better than loosing it all.


Some ideas for backing up, some of which I use or have tried:

Keep the pictures (flash drive/Google Drive). That's a few gigabytes worth of pictures for me, but totally worth it for having the highest quality.

Download a PDF

Copy and paste the whole I'ble into an email, and it shows up perfectly. I do this right before publishing from the preview, in case something goes wrong, and everything will gets lost (I wish I thought of that earlier). Perhaps I shouldn't write that here because of the PDFs...

Copy and paste it onto a Google Doc(ument), though it will turn into dozens of pages, and will be really hard to read.

Print on paper - a huge waste!

Mrs Packman did it.

The sight seams fine now.

If they are not up now click on Edit and add them then save the edit.

As said in the bug report already, for me it started about two weeks ago.
Images hosted on Tinypic disappeared from my Ibles.
The links were still there, at least in the HTML view but only blank replacements were shown.
Had to upload all images to my account here to be able to use them again.
Tinypic changed to HTTPS as well and at the time I thought this was related somehow, for example Ibles being unable to process images hosted on HTTPS sources.
Also posted the errors I got when trying to access the site last night when all was down.