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Something is up... Can you try to figure it out? Answered

Ok, so today I was in a League of Legends match. My friend called me on skype. I wasn't able to answer as the screen was fullscreen on LOL. When i got back, my friend had sent me these exact three messages: 
[3/23/13 8:08:23 PM] Christopher: please answer
[3/23/13 8:08:27 PM] Christopher: mitchell wont be mean
[3/23/13 8:08:30 PM] Christopher: i swear
I have been pretty good friends with Mitchell. Now none of my friends will answer skype or real life calls. Please try to explain what might have happened.



You seemed to ignore a call.

They could see you were online, but you didn't reply, so they thought you were ignoring them, which, in turn, made them think they had upset you somehow.

Don't stress, just send them a message* apologising for missing the call, explaining why, and then carry on as normal.

(*Hi, Chris, sorry I missed your call the other day, I had LOL on full screen and didn't see the alert. Ready for another game?)

Significant chance it's a misunderstanding;

Keep trying - perhaps they too are in games and just aren't answering. Give it time, worst case go SEE your friends - you know, in real life.

That's too exclusionary; let's stick with skype...(groan)

Not sure who or what the groan is directed at but to be clear that was just a joke.

indeed! (taken in jest) -- that you were substituting a technology for actual face to face time after I suggested real face-to-face time, because it was probably technology that caused the misunderstanding in the first place...

I was being a smart-ass too :)

Sounds like Mitchell did something previously that had caused an issue ("Mitchell won't be mean... i swear") involving you and some of your other friends. When you didn't answer the call when you were clearly online Christopher assumed you were still mad/insulted/annoyed/etc with whoever was involved in the incident with Mitchell.

Follow Kiteman and Frollards advice to set things straight and in the future change your Skype status to "Busy" or "In-Game", or just turn it off, when you can't answer.


5 years ago

You had your web cam on when you were picking your nose.

It was just none of my friends that know Mitchell. Not all of my friends wouldnt answer calls.