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Something to build? Answered

Hey knexers

ANYTHING KNEX  APART FROM CARS But not too many pieces

This includes machines, BM, guns, contraptions

I don't really see the point in knex cars, you just push them along

Only tell me if its like a REALLY cool car

Please spread! Thanks mm8


i am canadians hand heald heavy cannon i did

A tank but it would be hard to build

a SMALL ball machine!! :D

build a m60 i havent seen one out of knex, or a rbg p90 with a removable mag, or a folding handgun like the fmg9 but with a pistol, full auto arrow launcher i saw it on mythbusters

The rest of the car for http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?585-Modular-V4
Yes, it would take an unholy amount of pieces, but you would be one of the k'nex GODS.