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Sonic screwdriver Answered

Ok, Has anyone else thought of rigging a sonic screwdriver with an RFID chip to operate everything in your home, just for the sheer awesomeness of it?  I really want to try that after i saw some of the props out there.


I don't think that a RFID would be the best idea, but as the others said, a IR or something circuit would be a good idea. Someone made something similar, a sonic screwdriver control to a computer: LINK

i think it would be better to use something other than RFID, or perhaps RFID and the something other.

the majority of sonic usage occurs at more than contact distance, it would be neat to have it do infrared or RF signals to interact with items like your TV or anything else that uses infrared, or RF. maybe take the guts out of several devices (like a wireless presenter to control a power point presentation, and a universal remote to do a tv) and have a functional setting changer on the screwdriver (setting 42 is the tv!).


6 years ago

Yes, they have. The contactless cards for the London Underground use RFID chips the size of a coin, and I've heard of people taking them out of the cards and putting them in the tip of a sonic screwdriver so you can wave it at the gates and get into the station without having to take your wallet out :)

(Apparently you aren't meant to take out the chip but plenty of people embedded them in watch straps and so on, I suspect as long as you pay for all your journeys no-one will really mind)

I'm not sure how much of a job it is making an RFID reader turn on your computer, etc. but I'm sure it's doable, it's just the cost of the kit that puts me off.  If you just wanted it to operate devices and don't care about security, you could always use a reed switch- a switch that trips when you bring a magnet near it- and embed a small neodymium magnet in your screwdriver.

That actually sounds like a cool idea, though I have no idea of how the electronics behind it would work.. Maybe you can disassemble a universal remote or something and disguise that as a sonic screwdriver (although I have the impression that those things can be quite large). Let us know what results you come up with :)