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Sony Reader, Kindle, anybody have one? Answered

Hey everyone, Sometime this year, I was considering getting either a Sony Reader or an Amazon Kindle, the primary purpose of which for me would be to have something small and compact that could hold all of my datasheets so I could read them while on the go. I was wondering if anyone owned either a Reader or a Kindle and could tell me: 1) Your opinion of the device 2) Is there anywhere I can go where I could demo such a device? 3) What process do I have to go through to upload files to the device (example: suppose I have a datasheet saved as a pdf. How do I convert it to a format usable on the Kindle/Reader?) Any input would be appreciated, thanks!


To convert something, to a format that Kindle will use- just use calibre ebook management, it can format it to mobi.

I believe that both can display PDFs - the downside to the Kindle is availability (it is currently not on sale in the EU, I don't know about Canada).

What a coincidence that this topic was bumped - my new Kindle just arrived in the mail.

Unfortunately, it is a Christmas present from Kitewife, and I'm not allowed to open it until the 25th...

So, Kiteman, how do you like that Kindle?

I got one for Christmas also and really enjoy having it.  I'm about half way thru Sherlock Holmes.

The entire collection? I really loved that series...I was so disappointed when I finished it. I lingered and lingered, and put off the last one forever, but finally finished the last one...and *there aren't any more being made!* Ah! Horrors!

It's cool, I'm reading loads, like I used to before I discovered the internet.

The 3G signal is a bit hit-and-miss, which is why I've hardly posted recently.

I can heartily recommend it.

just got mine from my parents - Love it! It looks and feels gorgeous, and from a first glance it looks like it might be really easy to load files to it (just a case of plugging it into the computer and dragging and dropping or emailing the files to the device)

My wife bought one too, freaking awesome, I'm on my fourth book this week.

Yes you can read pdf's, but I find it formats much better if you convert the pdf's to MOBI with Calibre.

Sony ebook reader was one of the first electronic reading device on the market, and have recently been losing market share (in USA) to both Kindle ereader (from Amazon) and Nook ebook reader (from Barnes and Noble).
Kindle wireless reading device has been the number 1 best-selling product on Amazon for over 2 years. In other words, the Kindle ereader pretty much rules the US market.
The Nook reader has two screens. The larger 6" screen is for reading your ebooks and the second smaller 3.5" touch-screen is for navigation through your book and surfing the web.
There are some reviews about Sony ereader, Kindle ebook reader ,  and Nook ereader on website:


8 years ago

The best e-reader on the market is the barnes & noble nook

I considered one of those, but eventually I figured out how to read ebooks on my PSP, which worked perfectly, and was just the right size. Very simple! If I were you, I would hack whatever I had first, if you know how and have a device that can.

They are useful, but overpriced. Netbooks and Smartphones can also do the job.

Personally for that price I'd get a nokia internet tablet