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Sore Throat Cures? Answered

Hey guys, I have a really bad sore throat, and it's really bothering me. Do you know of any do-able cures that actually work? I have tried having soup and cough drops but it's getting worse. Any cures would be great!


When I had my sore throat? It was like a week ago so...hmm I think I was 14.

Avoid excessive swallowing (lozenges only work while they are there, but they irritate on the way down and make it worse in the long run); but a little tea with honey and lemon is always good

uhhh....you could go to a doctor, that just MIGHT help

oh and btw i just looked in my survival guide, natural cures (not as effective though as modern day medicine) for sore throat/cold/respiratory complaints are (not these are all plants)

angelica= decoction of the roots
bilberry= infusion of leaves and fruits
borage= infusion of whole plant except for root
burdock= decoction of the roots
comfrey= infusion of the whole plant
horseradish= raw roots
lime= infusion of the flowers
nettle= infusion of the leaves
oak= decoction of the bark; use to gargle
plantain= infusion of the leaves and stems
poplar= infusion of the leaf buds
rose= decoction of the rose hips
willow= decoction of the bark

now if you get at all sick from any of these (which im confident you wont but i just wanna say just to make sure im not liable IF you do) dont blame me....all those cures were in my SAS Survival guide.

gargling with warm salt water usually helps but i haven't gotten a sore throat in years probly because i put cayenne pepper on just about everything i eat including oatmeal,malto-meal,eggs chili,spaghetti just about everything.i think i might try it on ice cream.sounds good ,spicey hot cold ice cream.also when you drink water,soda,beer or anything else out of bottles or cans,wipe'em off real good.

Ok everyone, I made a lemon/honey/hot water drink and my throat feels a lot better. Thanks everybody.


10 years ago

I'd make sure it isn't strep - might wanna go to a doctor. If you have any left over medicine, like amoxicillin, from a previous sickness, you could try taking a dose of it. That's all the doctor would prescribe anyway, but be sure to take note of the milligrams (strength); you don't want to OD. Hope you feel better soon!

Bad, bad advice, you are hereby ordered to read "The Coming Plague".

When a doctor prescribes antibiotics, you should have none left over, and if you have any left over, you certainly shouldn't take it for an undiagnosed condition. This is one of the causes of antibiotic resistance.

It could be strep, I used to get that a lot when I was younger. Strep had been going around school alot...

You used to get "strep" alot?? That doesn't sound good.

I used to get it a lot also, but not for about a year.

I used to get it. not anymore, though. must be airborne... i have it like 1 every day.

Yeah... I haven't had it in like 6 years though.

I meant HAS been going around school, whoops.

Hot tea.

Do you live up north? Our winter in Texas is probably gone already :( Tomorrow's high is 78...

Huly crud, your from Texas? Same here!

gargle with salt water. and suck on a peppermint(not at same time...) but dont suck too strong, just let it like sit in your mouth but defnatly find out if its strep

You have to buy Airborne! They dissolve in water, and cure headaches, colds, and stuff. I had a bad sore throught like yourself, had like 4 that day and it vanished by the next day. It's not perscription medicine, so you can buy it at target or rite aide or something. My sister and i love viva pinata, too. hope you feel better!

Make tea out of sage and add salt (preferable sea). Gargle as long as you can. 1 of 2 things will happen: 1 it really helps your throat and you feel better 2 it tastes so n asty u completely forget about your throat Cheers!

I think honey helps.

Okay, you can mix together hot water, honey, and lemon in a mug or cup or whatever, and it cures good. It also tastes delicious! :-)

I just read about gargling cayenne pepper and water, I also read about swallowing tabasco sauce. I think ill put some on my pizza and have that for dinner.

My step mom used to use "Witches Brew" I have no idea what was in it (for some reason I remember it having honey, but it seemed to help. Went down bad though. Could try cough drops. Why a pic of Viva Pinata??

Well its my favorite game and all the other pictures I had were knex things and I didn't want to have no picture. Anyway, maybe you could find out what made "Witches Brew"?

I haven't seen my step mom in a while. But it might be on the internet.

Oh well, okay. I'll look some things up. btw- you are a very fast responder

I know. I hit the forums link at the top of the page as soon as I am done commenting.