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Sorry guys... Answered

Sorry, I'm getting less and less active around here. I'm not telling you I'm leaving, I'm just not going to be answering all your comments, and I'm not going to be around much. BUT, I'm still going to be posting guns every once in a while :) If you want me to build anything awesome, you can tell me your idea here.
That's it.


Here's the other side of the coin: I am back.

you actually are my favourite knexer

Cool :) I'm posting a few things soon! And thanks very much! No one has ever told me that.

Can you make a SPAS-12 i dont think anyone has made a good one Or an AK74U or MAC11

I won't make a SPAS-12, and I've tried making an AK-74u lots, didn't work ever, but I'll try a MAC11

Good Here's some other gun ideas: TMP, ACR or FAL Or maybe even a FAMAS

L85 is the assault rifle variant of the SA80 family, the L86 is the LSW LMG variant.

I'm getting rather annoyed at all these topics now. It's a forum not a blog.

+1 And people are all worried about it because people keep posting things like this.

Live and let go I say. They were newbs themselves at one point. I find it more exciting when I see new potential K'nexers who bring their own style rather than seeing the same things from regulars here. Everyone is absorbed in one or two of their guns. I myself get wrapped in perfecting the Oodassault even though people would still rather use the MeZak. However, I liked trying to either bring in a new concept or make a known concept better instead of doing things like making a personalized TR. Oh well, everyone is allowed to do their own thing.

no guns here man, it seems everyone on this site that has don a k'nex instructables has done at leas one k'nex gun...except me, i mean, I'm not good at building guns, I can do everything else just fine, but k'nex guns*shudders* WAY WAY too many of them on this site, i'm just trying to "get to the final frontier" like this one or even this one

I got tired of doing TR's. I'd rather build a nice ram-rod sniper (which I what I'm trying to do now). I've never made a really big sniper rifle (other than the SR-V2), so I'm trying to do something new. (Or at least something badass, lol).

You missed big ram snipers by a two years. I remember when I thought I needed one. They were pretty much the fad before side arms.

I know I missed them, but I just want one, with Motaboi's Intervention and Recon's Barret 3.5 around.

Those are replicas though so that's what they sell by. If you could make one with true bolt action and a bolt that works a little more similar (up, back, forward, down motion) to real bolt action then it could work out. If you could also make the magazine breach loaded and/or use shells for effect then it'd easily stand out from the rest.

To save posting a forum topic, same goes for me.

That's Ok, your guns are still awesome, even if you do not pos them as often


7 years ago