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Sort by views and the Star rating system Answered

I thought Instructables did away with both of these features?

I also thought the changes were wise and well thought out... but I see they're still operable on many contests and instructables.  Did the robot change it's mind?


Star ratings are still available for Food Category Instructables!

Thanks for clarifying, Mike. Can we expect the view feature to be phased out soon?

I don't think the "view by featured" will disappear.

I meant the total views... thanks for replying.

The search by total views is still there, not sure if that's going anywhere. If it ever goes anywhere you can type this and it should work: https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/?sort=VIEWS

I'm confused. On Jan 25, you typed this:

"Much like when we removed the "sort by vote" option, the view sorting has been removed to try and eliminate a winner-take-all scenario - where people would vote/view the highest viewed projects. This approach aims to even out the field for all entries."

Here: New format?

Ah, you mean for contests. I thought you meant just for projects indexed while browsing the categories.

For contests: Sort by votes is gone. Sort by  views is something we're playing around with still. Projects should stand on their own merit instead of the runaway-win scenario I described in that comment you're quoting. We review every single entry for every contest, which is why only half of the top votes/views are advanced as a finalists.

I see your point, and it's true. In the final analysis, it's the judge's votes that matter most.