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Sort instructables by votes or views, contest participants or in general. And detailed stats too? Answered


No doubt we need this function, to see what is trending and what is requested and what is popular. Can we?

Also. Stats are great, but giving me "bare" domain without actual referring page is pretty useless, don't you think so? like say I have 100 visits from "t.co", which is twitter domain, but usefulness of that data is close to 0, if I don't know the actual tweet(s) which caused traffic to here, right?



14 days ago

Well technically for me (and for many others), this is possible even without "their" interaction. As long as HTML is allowed, nothing prohibits someone from embedding special "counter" code, which will do all that, without any load from main server. I


15 days ago

Although not fully on topic, privacy comes to mind.
Tracking is a big deal these, same for data collection and hoarding.
So providing the data or details of whoever tweeted or linked something from here might violate some laws or regulations in certain countries already.

The data handling is another story.
Although a lot can be automated these days, you still need someone to program the features in the backend here and a place to store the additional data.
Storage space is a cost factor these days...

When it comes to sorting and searching we are lost for years in all departments.
A google search for winner woodworking contest site:w w w.instructables. co m results in more hits than anything I can do here.
At least if you leave the spaces out that prevented turning it all into an unwanted link here.
One feasable reason might be to keep the diversity up.
A quick and easy way to only see the best of the best would literally kill all chances of someone clicking on all those good ibles that did not make it to a winner somewhere.
But I still agree that the option and choice should be with the user seeking the information.
Maybe a proper Ible search function is implemented with always promised working search function of the community section!?