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Anything but Knex... Answered

I understand that knex are kinda cool and they have their place here on instructables. But to me it's getting kind of ridiculous. Just trying to browse through the instructables and find a useful one is pretty difficult now. I find a few useful ones here and there but in between them all are knex instructables. I think it's rather irritating to have to scroll past hundreds of instructables all for a different way to make a knex gun. Is there any way to browse with everything but the knex instructables? To be fair.. yes i'm exaggerating it's probably more like a 50/50 knex/non-knex ratio.



I've tried, and I'm not getting any K'nex ones in the Featured list.

If you type in a random thing knex probably won't come up.

And I don't think it is very bad.

Umm, Just surf by catigory. All knex stuff is in the knex catigory (duh) so it wont be anywhere else.

But there is no Everything but knex category. I don't like to just surf Tech or Art, I like to surf Everything... darn it, knex.

i know that.. its just that i like to find new things.. so i tend to browse everything.. not just by category. I just wish i could filter things out. like when you search on google you can type -knex and it will remove everything with knex from your search. I tried on here and it doesn't work.


10 years ago

There is way more non knex than that out of all the 10 or so categories only one of them is knex. If you don't like knex, brows using the other categories.