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Sorting and ranking Ibles Answered

I would like to see the best ie. Editors Pick, Most viewed in a particular category or something. My need is to see all the Light Box Instructables "ranked" in some way so I can see how they are presented and see their Unique Selling Point (USP). I am trying to improve my Instructables by looking at how "succesfull" ones were made. Any ideas would be welcome. I don't know how to ask the question any better than this.


"Best" is such a subjective thing. You could click on the different sort tabs in the categories to see them ranked by popular, viewcount, ratings, etc. It's not specific enough if you want to focus on just the Light Box ibles though. You can get a search list to go through all of the Light Box ibles but they range from photography light boxes to tracing tables. You would have to read through each ible on the list to get at what you are looking for. There are many hidden gems that are not "successful" in terms of high numbers but that should not discourage one from thinking it was not an accomplishment.

As for trying to improve your own instructables, just make it your own and try to find your own voice...wait, I sound like a judge on American Idol or something...

You are so right. Thanks for your advice, it's always welcome to me.

When you use the "graphical search", there are a number of small orange tabs by which to sort the results, including "popular" and "rating" which are vaguely useful ways to find "best".

Views can help, but only if a decent project has been online long enough to garner a suitable number of visits.

Thanks for that. I suppose I'm trying to encapsulate the essence of what makes a "good" Instructable. I realise that good is a very vague term but I am trying to find ways to "get it". Ive only done two Ibles and neither are that good in terms of Views, Comments, etc.

I presume you've seen the "Feature Checklist"?

Aside from that, I wouldn't spend too much time looking at other, similar projects, because there is an unconscious tendency to copy what has gone before. Instead, I would look at popular or well-received projects that have nothing to do with [in this case] light boxes, and take inspiration from their style, whilst bearing in mind that the project also has to reflect you.

Whatever project you are working on, if you are aiming for high numbers of views, you need a Unique Selling Point (USP) - something that other projects of the type lack, rather than trying to work out what they have and emulating it.

Your USP might be a style of photo, a humorous approach, or a distinctive design and naming style.  Maybe it's unusual materials, or an unusual format.

Dang, fell into one of Prof. Kitemoriarty traps. Well played.

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What you want should, in principle, be trivial. Unfortunately, because I'ble has invested (real money) in the Google search engine, it is impossible. There is no way to sort Google search results, except their own inscrutable "relevance."

Thanks a lot. my knowledge of how it all works is sparodic at best, I don't always know what question to ask. LOL.