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Soud proofing from cd player Answered

Lo all, need some advice. How would i go about cheaply "soundproofing" my stereo. My grandmother lives downstairs and gets bass reverb from my ATR and Lamb of God cd's. any advice is greatly appreciated -Nick


$15 for some really nice skullcandy earbuds

. If you live in a "normal" house/apartment, there's not much you can do. :(

Start by making sure the speakers are not in direct contact with the floor or walls. The sound will spread more into unwanted areas in the house if they are actually vibrating the floor/walls. Try putting them on pillows or something similar. The sound in your room should not be affected by this, but it will probably make a difference downstairs. (Or you could just sneak down and steal the batteries from her heading aid :-)

well, for base there's nothing you can do, inless you levitate your room with magnets and create a vacuum around it. You can make it seem much quieter around your room if you install this one type of newspaper insulation.


10 years ago

I think we have another punguyta. xD

-Have you thought about headphones, you can get some really decent ones for around £15+ or if you want to spend a bit more, £300 =)