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Sound controlled stage lighting Answered

Ladies and Gents:

I am seeking help from you guys. I am in a band and want to build something that can control some lighting we have. I am looking for it to be controller by the drummers kick pedal or my bass. Ideally, everytime a certain sound is created i want the light to go on then off. Kinda like a strobe light but only at certain times (the kick pedal of when a certain sound comes from the bass). If you guys have any ideas, let me know. Here is an example of how I'd like it to work. Thanks for any help.



5 years ago

This can all done through midi triggering. Having a pad that you can hit to trigger the signal sent to your pre programed dmx lighting scenes.


6 years ago

I have been trying to figure out a device like this as well. My idea was to use a relay with a 12VDC coil. My thought was run my hot line of my light through the common and normally open terminals on the relay than hook the input coil to a piezo attached to the bass drum. The problem I ran into is when the piezo is hit my voltage output is relatively low, too low to switch the relay. I need a fairly simple affordable way to boost that output. Any suggestions?


9 years ago

. For the drum, a piezo element should make a good trigger. . To pick out different notes, you'll need something like a narrow bandpass filter. . Good song, but I could do without the growling.