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Sound proofing a small room for cheap? Answered

I said i would help my sister transform the old office in the garden for her to use as a chilling room with her mates, there going to be drinking and be loud so we wanna sound proof the room, the problem is its quite a small room so hanging blankets will make it smaller, and its already contructed from standards bricks so we cant get it propperly sound proofed... is there a way that doesnt take up much space and will look nice? we've also got a single glassed window in there that lets alot of sound out, is there anyway to prevent this without getting double glassing?? on a tight budget 


This will be tough to do on a tight budget (even with a small room); and any material that you apply to the inside (with reasonable sound-reducing properties) will make the room smaller. In case someone suggests 'egg cartons', let me just say they are useless at stopping sound (and rather ugly on a wall). Blankets, curtains and carpets also don't do much to deaden the sound from a room. In sound studios, they use a specific type of grooved foam that's attached to the wall which dissipates the noise. What may work rather well is adding some rigid insulation (with sound reducing qualities) to the outside and then covering that with some siding, but this may not be within your budget. You also have to consider the sound that escapes through the ceiling as well as through a door and a window. For the ceiling, your best bet is the foam used for sound studios. (Check online, you may find some good deals). For the window, you could add shutters to the outside and fill the space between that and the glass with the soundproofing foam. The door (in my opinion) will be the most challenging. You have limited area to work with and any cracks between the door and frame (or between the frame and the brick) will let sound escape; so you would have to add good weatherstripping and cover the door to further reduce the sound.

+1... especially with egg cartons.

The only room I was able to sound proof fairly cheap was one where a local theater I knew of was throwing away a thick curtain they used on their stage. It was thick enough that it dampened sound (especially reverberation), and large enough that it covered the whole studio. It's also rather stylish to have a red plush room. (That is until someone asks you why you have a room with padded walls........................) ;)

The moral of the story is if you have any friends who are thespians, see if they know of a theater that is willing to give away it's curtain. (Otherwise craigs list or ebay...)

+1, and 1, and 1, and 1...sure, another +1 for good measure.

Brick is astonishingly good at reflecting sound, keeping it inside. You need to get sound-reducing insulation on the other side to stop any transferred sound.
The ceilling/roof is going to let a lot of sound out, as well as any air ducts.

If you can't stop the sound getting out, you simply have to keep it down until you can afford a place that you can reasonably be loud in.

Cheap? egg cartons - ahh perhaps not, cheap real sound proofing don't go together. Sorry