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Soup & Salad Answered

What is your favorite soup and salad combination for summer? I'm looking for some recipes to write and would love to know what you all love to eat! 

Personally, I love a good butternut squash, with a turkey, bacon, and avocado club.


Any veges salad I like

For summer (especially THIS one) Vichyssoise for the soup, and Waldorf for the salad...

Cold potatoe soup doesn't turn a lot of people on, I know.....but as hot as it has been around here.... :-D

I love Vichyssoise! My grandmother was French, so we grew up with a lot of strange foods. Coq au Vin is my comfort stew!

Oh my, you're killing me LOL I haven't had Coq au Vin for eons.....and my wife doesn't do a lot of "cooking". And there are so many ways to make it too, from the recipes I have viewed.

I have a really easy recipe for it... I'll add that to the Instructables to-do list, perhaps? :) It involves a crock pot, a bottle of wine, eight hours, and a bag of leeks from Trader Joe's.

I look forward to seeing it...let me know when you have posted it, please.

Absolutely! I'll hopefully have it up in the next two weeks or so.

Great ! Do you have a link, or is it pretty easy to find?


Here we go! Sorry about that. Haha. Internet common sense ;)

Waldorf salad is delicious. I want to try one with pomegranate seeds added too! Or figs. Anything with thinly sliced figs.


5 years ago

For summer, I love variations on the classic BLT. And a fresh-corn chowder is good hot or cold; ditto with fresh chunky tomato soup.

Canida, quick Q on the corn chowder: is it chicken stock based, or vegetable stock based, usually?

I find chicken stock more flavorful, so make that my default. It's a super-easy swap, though!

Canida, that looks delicious! Yum! I love that you used heirloom tomatoes! Have you tried heirloom tomatoes in salsa before?

When heirloom tomatoes are in season, I use them for everything!

They're a bit juicier, so sometimes I have to drain the tomatoes a bit. Save the tomato water for the other use.

My favorite salad is ceaser salad! And my favorite soup is a loaded bacon baked potato soup! They don't necessarily go together, but they are good :)

Those sound delicious! Loaded baked potato soup sounds really good. I had a friend in elementary school whose mom made a very good baked potato soup. There's a good French soup with leeks and potatoes that you can make in a blender too.