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Souped Up: Projects to Make Everything Better [Book] Answered

No, it’s not about soup. Souped Up is a paperback full of projects that turned something average into something super.

For sale on Amazon, Souped Up features projects from BrittLiv, crapsoup, giovannire, among many other wonderful contributors. This book features work from across the site, with awesome recipes right alongside rocket sleds and kitty crack. If your project was chosen for the book, you’ll receive a free copy and a free year of pro membership.

Because you’re a longtime Instructables fan (an assumption I’m making since you’re reading our forums), you’re probably not the target audience for these books. You’ve seen the projects before, commented on them, favorited them, and know where to go if you need instructions.

These are more for those of you whose parents don’t quite get what you mean when you talk about Instructables, who have a friend who’d love the site but isn’t really an internet person, or are parents looking to trick their tweens into becoming scientists and engineers by leaving this book around the house and giving them tools and hardware store money.

So buy one. Give it to someone you love. Or give it to someone who you kind of like, but who you’re just not ready to have the “DIY talk” with yet. You know that strange conversation where two people connect over a craft and go back and forth talking about tools and techniques and current or future projects? At first it can be tough to broach the subject of DIY with sort-of cool acquaintances, because you can never be sure how someone will respond to your unbridled enthusiasm about yarn, welding equipment, or cupcake frosting methods. But prime them with a book this awesome, and you’re bound to have someone to geek out with over glue guns or Arduino sketches.


I got an email saying that one of my Instructables was chosen for this book, but it didn't say which one. I replied asking that, but got no response.

Is there a table of contents to look at yet?

When is it going to be released? can't wait to get one.

Do I still have time to upload a better main image? I wrote the instructable, before I had my new camera...

You're welcome to swap out the main image, and I will try to get the new photo incorporated into the manuscript. (Worst-case scenario: your new main image garners even more views, but it does not end up in the book.)

Hi, I changed, sorry, that it took me so long. I haven't been home in about a month. Don't worry, if you are not able to change it, I wanted to upload a better one anyhow.

No problem; I'll see if I can get it incorporated into the manuscript.