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Source for "filament white" 1800-2200K color temperature warm white led's? Answered

After literally hours, I can not locate small quantities of warm white led's with what is sometimes described as "filament white" color temperature. Most warm white LED's are a much cooler 3000K. Any suggestions? Ideally a 3 or 5mm discrete LED. Images of warm white led's are unreliable. A color temperature description is necessary. Anyone? Thanks!

I received a sample of these, but their color temperature is actually much closer to 3000K.

2017 UPDATE: 
2200K (and warmer) LED's are finally becoming more commonplace in bulbs, LED tape, etc... so I'm keeping my eye out for more component and project LED's to also include this warmer range. 


I've been lucky that the above company is sending me a sample pack of 10 of these LED's for free! I just had to provide a shipping account. Amazing! Thanks to everyone for their responses!

I can find led strips at 2300-2400K, for around 40 USD (UK site), but the colour temp is specified on the chromaticity diagram at 0.44, 0.41. Close enough ?

I've also found strips with that color temperature. That is less than ideal, but it might be worth considering if I could use SMD LED's, but I need a 5mm 2 pin LED for the product I am swapping them out on. Thanks for the suggestion!

Solder wires on the SMD pins. Its the easiest and cheapest method.

Unfortunately mixing isn't an option for this application, but a good suggestion. I may just have to buy the larger quantity or forgo all together.

Mix it, from a tri-colour or quad colour LED ?

I don't think many parts distributors are willing to carry them or sell them in small quantities since there isn't a high demand for them outside manufactures who produce LED light bulb replacements. Looking at places like Mouser and Digikey, they don't seem to keep any in stock.