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I need some advice Answered

I need help. I want to make this shirt from southland tales. Any ideas?


AND if you only want it on the front of the shirt, insert something to protect the back, or you may end up with a mirror image of it on the back too.

In the movie it was front and back so I am going to try for that.

Oh, ok so whatever caused that, "came from above" supposedly. Understood. I didn't see the movie...

In the movie there is no explanation for the blood. He just breaks into song at this part.

I don't know what "Carrie" is, but this movie is the same writer and director as "Donnie Darko"

No, I am afraid I haven't seen it, and in reading some reviews on it, it doesn't look anything like my references....no comparison to Carrie at all (the blood in Carrie was pig's blood I believe).

Use a paintsponge to add the bulk of the red paint and then use spray paint on a white shirt.

Umm you might be better with indian ink but dye wise any dark red dye watered down a bit and sponged on, if you let the dye stay quite thick it'll be more textured, if you make it thin it'll be more saturated at the end (colour wise) maybe make the main patch of darkness with the sponge and really get it in the just dab around the edges to get the other bits.