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So...who is still here? Vet roll call + free concepts Answered

Actually, I don't feel like asking for names specifically, as I don't remember everyone and some people would probably be offended if I forgot them. So, just reply to this topic if you've been here long enough that you've arguably established yourself a place in the community. I won't put any standards on that. Judge for yourself but be realistic if you wanna consider yourself a veteran. I want to know who is still here. I want to try kickstarting K'nex gunning back up again (ironic that it's me doing it) because I have plenty of ideas, fair amount of time, but little pieces. Basically I'm going to collaborate with whoever is still here and interested in my ideas. I'm hoping a decent rush of innovation will get old vets reinterested and perhaps inspire new K'nexers.

If you're wanting to take on any of these projects below, let me know and I'll discuss with you them in full detail and provide whatever help I can. Otherwise, I'm leaving it to you to build them.

-Improved shotgun concept. Look at Foofy's take on my concept and improve it further. I'm thinking of pump action and a large hopper. Make it bottom mounted so a higher powered weapon can be used on top

-Controllable fully automatic sling gun. This would be revolutionary if we could get it to work. The potential is there, we just need to figure out how to unleash it. I've already talked enough about it, someone must be interested.

-Pump action, pseudo semi auto turret. This would be somewhat complicated but still doable. Think of a gatling gun combined with the K-sayer. Each pump would cock and rotate a barrel. So you could then prepare a number of shots beforehand and then fire them all in succession.

All of the above are potential war weapon candidates so I was figuring people would be more willing to give them a shot. If you're looking strictly for innovation or fun then:
-Crossbow pistol. I always wanted to give it a shot but never could do it. Make it handlefed. It was going to be a candidate for my ultimate side arm back when I was still going through my TDS phase but now it would be purely for the sake of fun.

-Automatic gun prop. I figured this might be interesting. Basically, make a gun that doesn't shoot but rather it ejects "shells" from the ejection port and fires either semi or fully automatically. I'm thinking you could make a rack and pinion system to drive the ejection port (which when opened would let the "shell" fly out) that's hooked up to a motor or a rubber band powered gear. It might not be as fun making something that doesn't fire but it'd be a challenge and something new.

-Dual/triple stack magazine. Interestingly enough, this one is more challenging than it should be. Basically make a 3 layered magazine and then try to get it to feed into a single stack. Make it removable. The idea here is that it would have a larger capacity. It probably wouldn't be too practical, though.

-Dual stockrail gun. Well, this could probably be a decent war weapon but it'd be somewhat complicated. It would combined several concepts into one gun. Make a rail gun with two rails in the stock of the weapon for extra strength with less length. Your choice of what it loads from.

-Bullpup repeating sling. This has actually been made before. I know I got Jollex to make one at least. None of them seemed quite good enough, though. Add crossbow limbs and a magazine that accepts finned rounds and you've got yourself a pretty BA weapon.

-Side folding stock. It's very doable, just annoying. If you could set up a hinge in a sixth layer that connects the stock and the gun, it wouldn't be much of a problem figuring out the rest. The problem is how to make that hinge.

Eh, I'll come up with more. I'm regaining my memory. I kept most of my ideas in the dark and forgot about them. >_<



6 years ago

Count me in. im online daily

im still around just not so active i have alot of real life issues and school to deal with

I did have an idea for the stacked mag. It works, but its still buggy and its only a double. I did notice it would have a potential cap of over 30 rounds though. I will post pics of it sometime soon, along with the modded SSCR gun I have laying around.

K'nex seems to have... reached its conclusion.

Hardly. We've reached a speed bump, but I don't think it'll end for quite a while. There are still plenty of ideas out there, just ones that are more demanding. At least as long as I have time, I'll always be building.

Me too. I must say though, on the whole, excepting a few ball machine builders, things seem to be withering in quantity and quality.

I agree. I have to say though, ball machines are usually the most impressive things I've seen anyways.


6 years ago

Because you can't put much energy in stuff with your finger,
the energy should be in the bullets and fired with a simple release mechanism.
use 1 way connectors with a rubber band, put them in a modded magazine and put in Kinetic's gun. Voila

K'nex guns are fun to build and will only get better with time... new builders will come around and build new better stuff building on the shoulders of the original standards
K'nex guns will be around ill always be playing with em from time to time they are fun to shoot so why not lol
can't wait to see what next great guns come out im positive the limits will continue to expand

hello ! if you remember me (i won't be offended if not) and consider me a vet, then i'm in, if you're still interested.

Greetings! I'm still floating around somewhere between the knex world and oblivion.

Ive got a new ball machine coming out soon, if anybody cares....


I wouldn't be surprised if your ball machine fed into a cannon ;P

Nice to know you're still around, though.

Heh, now you're giving him ideas. It was actually an idea I had for a sort of motorless lift. Make it so a ball triggers a semi auto RBG of sorts to fling the ball. But it'd be even cooler if you could figure out just the right place to put a target and a funnel to shoot at for part of the track.

Shadowman39 did something pretty similar to that with ping-pong balls, I think. It was super cool.

I actually could do that if I had the pieces, because its a similar concept to the way my Brute Shot works with the round falling into the track...Now, making it repeat would be the hard part! IAC is the person I trust with this, lol.


7 years ago

Ive done a side-folding stock. I could get the pics if you want.

Think you could make one for my UMP? I'm probably going to try posting it this time but I still lack a good folding stock.

I'll upload the pics in a slide show today. I'm not sure if it would work, it seems like it would be a little big.

All right cool. Will check out.

here ya go. https://www.instructables.com/id/Folding-stock/


7 years ago

Sorry for the spam but my ball machine will be up tonight =D

I'm around... Kinda. ;-)

I get on Ible's and respond to comments when I can, I haven't had any time to break-out the K'Nex and build in quite some time though. They're mostly packed away right now. I'm currently at the very end of Junior year(HS), but I don't really have time this summer for K'Nex because my Family is planning a trip and then marching band is starting up (I'm going to be center snare, so I have to be there for all the practices and such). I don't have a ton planned for my Senior year though (Not like this year) so I should have more time after marching band to start building again.

I'm kinda out of the loop as far as K'Nex is concerned, so what's happening in the community right now?


Strange, that old already? Hmm, only one year younger than me. Enjoy your senior year while it lasts, trust me.
Anywho, nothing big has really happened. Kinetic is our new Solekiller. The NAR and TRs are still overrated. People are still leaving because they need to make everyone else do the innovating before they innovate themselves (god, that's worse that the economy). I started a movement to try to get some veterans back into building and was mildly successful. The only major thing you missed with me are possibly my latest oodassaults, my folding oodammo gun, and then my remade UMP-45. Otherwise I've been rather slow, but building nonetheless. I can't particularly think of any huge advances other than whatever Kinetic has been building. The KI is somewhat dead last I checked. Guess most of them ended up growing up and heading off anywho. Yeah...that's about it.

I joined back in 2007, and I was in 8th or so grade. So I've grown-up :P
And ya, my Senior year is going to be fun, I'm taking a few computer classes, and a few band classes and that's about it :)

I did notice when my time here was slowly decreasing that no newbies were really stepping-up and getting some new ideas and guns out. But good, this way I won't have to learn anything new :-P

Those sound really good actually, your Oodassault's and UMP-45 were my two favorite guns from you. I'll have to check them out. I wish I had time to build them and try them out for real, but that'll have to wait sadly.

I did notice of lack of posting at KI. I never really saw to much posting going on, but more recently every time I go there I don't really see any updates.

It's sad but the K'Nex world is waning. I don't believe it'll ever die(To a point) It's definitely in a slump right now. xD i'm not exactly helping, but we all do (or at least I hope we do) have priorities above K'Nex that have to be dealt with first.

I'll be around, and I'll see what I can do to help out the state of the community right now. If you need help on anything, just leave me a comment.


Well here're the pics for the three worthwhile things I've made. I don't remember how long ago it was that you left.
1. This was a halfhearted Oodassault 3.9. It didn't turn out too much better than my last one so I'm not bothering with it anymore.
2. This is the redone UMP-45. I improved it a little more since this picture.
3. And then finally I have my folding weapon. I think so far it still holds the position of the thinnest folding gun.

Of course I also recommend checking around a bit. Nothing has changed too much. I'm sure you'll catch up.


Honestly I want some of your feedback on my 2 newest knex guns.

I'm still here, but not that much.

I did a side folding stock on a remake of my pp19. I can't remember exactly how it worked but i remember using 2 slot connectors


7 years ago

I'm here not so long and I'm thinking it's really weird all those people are condidering to leave, etc. That just doesn't make sence. No one says you have to leave or you have to stay, you're the one who have to decide. And if you don't want to get our reputation anymore, and I mean that if you're the one who post 3 things a week, or give everybody good critism, post new ideas, that''s great, but no one says you have to do that! So people who get tired, chill out! Right?

Evening TD!

And, i'll look into the side folding stock..

Any luck? I'm hoping to have something ready for the UMP. I also asked Recon so between the two of you, one of you has to have something figured out I hope. >_<

I've kinda decided to sell my k'nex..

(Is it worth doing one more project before it's sold?)


7 years ago

Im making an oodammo shotbow now...


7 years ago

Im still here, but i dont really use my knex anymore... i need to build a really good gun off someone to get me kicked back into it hopefully...

Still want that M16?

any pics?

Yea, Ill put up a WIP slideshow, maybe tonight, no promises though.

Heres the prototype:


vey nice!

I think I'll crack out the knex again, and build a decent full auto. Maybe bigger than my full auto shotgun...

Make it an assault rifle or nice, realistic replica.

I got you on the full auto sling.