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Space Beer... From Outer Space Answered

Japanese brewer Sapporo is planning on making some "space beer" from a third generation of barley grains that spent five months on the International Space Station in 2006. Only 100 bottles will be made from this crop, though, and won't be commercially available. Which is fine because it won't taste any different and would be freakishly expensive.

Space Beer


What about space beer from inner space? Or plain old ordinary space? Space beer from storage space...

I wonder what it'd be like when they bring it back down to earth. Since the beer would pressurize to carbonate, wouldn't the effects be a catastrophic beer explosion on the way down?

No, they're making the beer on Earth from the barley that spent its time in space. It would be a pain in the arse to have the proper fermenting equipment up there.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. As interesting as all these space experiments are (like frogs in space, brewing tea in space, growing barely in space) I miss the adventure part of space. Is it just me or have all the missions just been 'routine test' missions.

If brainless television has taught me anything it's that we should do survivor...in space!

They Make SpaceBeer in Space now?

What has the world come to?!!!!

this is cool but really kind of pointless....


That is pretty cool. I wonder what the effects on the barley are; if there are any.